What is iLearning?

A collaboration between the Monroe School District, Sky Valley Education Center, and Northwest Liberty School. iLearning is a blended learning model utilizing online curriculum with online and in-person support!

Grades 6-12 all content and ability levels offer families the option of enrolling in a single class or up to 5 classes.

Whether you are dealing with a child with an extended illness or doing some lengthy traveling or just need to get a high school requirement that you can’t work into your child’s schedule, iLearning may be the answer for your family!

Why iLearning?

  • Online, independent, and in-person courses allow quick and flexible solutions.
  • Seniors with last minute credit needs.
  • Enroll and immediately begin a credit recovery, regular, or AP course.
  • Challenging scheduling issues.
  • Options for health/emotionally restricted students, attendance issues.
  • Support to meet a variety of needs.
  • Collaboration and results that work for students.

What do students receive?

  • All needed content & materials to complete a course. High school courses are transcribed and provide accredited, NCAA-approved content.
  • Access to over 100 approved classes.
  • Online instructor support from a qualified, certificated teacher.
  • In-person lab support by a qualified, certificated teacher.
  • Consultation with a qualified, experiences learning plan consultant.

SVEC students may elect to take iLearning classes. Each course would count as 1 (one) of their class choices. iLearning or Northwest Liberty School students wishing to access other SVEC classes need to apply separately and meet all enrollment criteria.

iLearning or Northwest Liberty School students wishing to access other SVEC classes need to apply separately and meet all enrollment criteria.

iLearning Choices*


  • All Subjects: English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Occ. Ed, and others
  • Career Technical Education
  • Electives
  • All Graduation Requirements

Grade or Content Levels

  • 6-8 Grade
  • 9-12 Grade

Course Levels

  • Advanced Placement
  • Honors
  • Accelerated
  • Regular Education
  • Credit Recovery

Course Structure

  • Online Curriculum
  • Independent Study
  • Dual Enrollment or Full Time
  • One on One, lab, or class

Additional Resources

  • Academic support
  • Consultation
  • Study while abroad or traveling
  • Open enrollment
  • Customized courses
  • Study Labs

*Consistent with the policies and procedures at Sky Valley Education Center, grades given for iLearning classes are P (Pass), P (with Honors Option), or N (No credit).

For more information, contact:

Margaret Jacobs - SVEC Enrollment

Christine Olsen - SVEC Instructional Technology Specialist

Bob Hagin - Northwest Liberty School Director

Enrollment is through SVEC, Monroe School District

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Monroe, WA 98272

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