What is STEM Academy?

The STEM Academy will immerse 6th-10th grade students in Science, Technology,          Engineering, and Math learning experiences.     Students will develop skills necessary for the 21st century such as problem solving,           collaborative group work, persevering through difficult problems/situations, critical thinking, and utilizing creativity in solving problems.  STEM concepts and applications are reinforced with projects and investigations.

What will STEM students learn?

STEM is a 5 year program, rotating through  topics each year.  Science topics may include ecology, chemistry, energy, force, electricity, and life science.  All topics will be applied with hands-on engineering techniques.  Technology will be integrated with  Science and Math to reinforce learning objectives.  Opportunities in Technology may include programming languages (Java Script, Python, HTML, CSS), arduino kits, and 3D design.  Math is completed through Khan Academy, with supplemental logic problems weekly. 

Why is STEM Important?

The goal of STEM education in the K-12   system is to expand the number of students who      ultimately pursue advanced degrees and       careers in STEM fields, expand the STEM-capable workforce, and increase STEM literacy for all students.   Sixteen out of the twenty    occupations with the largest projected growth in the next decade are STEM related. While there are careers that do not require post-secondary education, 94% of STEM jobs will  require additional education or training by 2018.  In the United States, Washington ranks #1 for STEM related jobs.  However, we rank 46th in graduating students who are prepared for STEM fields or STEM college degrees. 

Application Process

  • Complete a registration packet (obtain in office) and request to be on STEM waiting list.
  • In the Spring, if there is availability, you will be contacted to continue to the process.
  • There may be an interview with the STEM Team.
  • Students are encouraged to spend a day observing a current class– please prearrange your visit with one of the STEM Teachers.
    Dylan Neary:
    Amanda Murphy:

The STEM Program counts for 4 weight of classes. Enrollment in any specialty program at Sky Valley Education Center is considered full time and is not eligible for shared enrollment with any other public school. Shared enrollment is available in our Parent Partnership Program.


  • Enjoys Science
  • Student shows interest in the program!

This program is designed to meet grade level expectations in Math, Reading and Writing.

Priority Enrollment

  • Priority will be given to current SVEC students and students/families with home-school experience.
  • Position on the program wait list is not necessarily an indication of enrollment position. 

Contact us for further information or to schedule a visit!

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