Statement of Understanding

Sky Valley Education Center is a parent partnership program, and as such, has some unique expectations of parents and students.
As a family enrolled at SVEC…

I understand our family must be willing and able to teach at home for SVEC to be the right place for us.

I understand that students under the age of 12 must have a parent or guardian on campus at all times, with the exception of STEM,  ESS, and Montessori, which are self-contained programs.  Even in these programs, students who exhibit behavioral concerns or other need for support, will need to have a parent on campus.

I understand that students age 12 and over may be allowed to be on campus without a parent with a signed permission form. I also understand this is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked by me or the school at any time.

I understand students who are allowed to be on campus without a parent should not be dropped off or left at Sky Valley for excessively long periods of time. I understand students should not be on campus on a day they do not have classes unless they are studying with a parent or meeting with a teacher. I understand school hours are from 8:30am until 3:30pm, except for special schedules or events.

I understand repeated failure to make satisfactory progress, whether overall or in individual classes, could result in my student being unable to return to Sky Valley at the semester or the following year.

As a school of choice, a parent partnership program, we do not guarantee placement in any specific onsite courses– core or elective.  The maximum class limit is seven weight per week. Please keep in mind some classes weigh more than one, and programs may count for anywhere from 2-7 weight. We have numerous resources available in our curriculum library and online to support our parents in making sure their children have the content they need to be successful.  Parents may sign up for a class outside of their student’s grade level, if the student can be successful academically, socially and emotionally.   We have lots of staff at SVEC ready to support you!  Teachers, our Guidance Counselors, or your Offsite SLP Consultant.

I understand it is my responsibility to log on to WINGS and CANVAS frequently to check on my student's progress, read important news, consult the school calendar for scheduling changes, check on teacher absences and class cancellations, and check for teacher communications.

I understand as a school with children of all ages, behavior expectations are high at Sky Valley. I understand all students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and conduct themselves at all times with the knowledge that this is a family environment. I understand failure to do so could result in my student being asked to leave and/or a parent being required to be with my student, no matter their age.

I understand the school calendar also serves as the school handbook, and contains a great deal of important information I need to be familiar with.

I understand there is a legal difference between home-based instruction (home-schooling) and full time enrollment in an alternative learning program. 

I understand if I have any questions, concerns, requests, or suggestions, the staff are available and truly happy to talk to me anytime!!!

Statement of Understanding

In accordance with the Alternative Learning Experience implementation standards, reference WAC 392-121-182, prior to
enrollment parent(s) or guardians shall be provided with, and sign, documentation attesting to the understanding of the difference between home-based instruction  and enrollment in an alternative learning experience (ALE).

Summary Description of Home Based Instruction

Instruction is provided by the parent or guardian as authorized under RCW 28A,200 and 28A.225.101
Students are not enrolled in public education.
Students are not subject to the rules and regulations governing public schools, including course,  graduation, and assessment requirements.
The public school is under no obligation to provide Instruction or Instructional materials, or otherwise supervise the  student’s education.

Alternative Learning Experience

Is authorized under WAC 392-121-182
Students are enrolled in public education either full time or part time.
Students are  subject to the rules and regulations governing public school students including course, graduation, and assessment     requirements for all portions of the ALE.

Learning experiences are:

Supervised, monitored, assessed, and evaluated by certified staff.
Provided via a written student learning plan.
Provided in whole, or part outside the regular classroom.

Part-time Enrollment of Home Based Instruction Students

Home-based instruction students may enroll in public school programs, including ALE programs, on a part-time basis and retain  their home-based instruction status. In the case of part-time enrollment in ALE,  the student will need to comply with requirements of the ALE written student learning plan, but not be required to participate in state assessments or meet state graduation requirements. (Unless they are seeking a SVEC diploma)



Code of Conduct

All of us at Sky Valley, from babies learning to walk, to grandparents learning to surf the net, do our best to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Be Safe
  • Respect:
    • Yourself
    • Others
    • Property
  • Strive to meet your goals, and support others as they strive to meet theirs.
  • Have fun

These four common sense themes compose the behavior policy of the Sky Valley Education Center. Children and adults are expected to adhere to them without the need for school monitored management systems.