Career Cruising

Our counselors at SVEC are available to talk to students and families about career interests and planning.

At SVEC we also utilize a powerful career tool called Career Cruising, an interactive online program that allows students and families to take career interest surveys, research colleges and vocational schools, learn about scholarship opportunities, find out about job requirements and earnings, etc. Click the button below to view their website:

Career Cruising Website

The username and password to access Career Cruising are:

  • Username: svec
  • Password: monroe

Planning for a career is a challenging experience, particularly when you are still in high school. However, the sooner you have ideas about the things that interest you, the earlier you can take advantage of educational opportunities that will assist you in achieving your goals.

If you are looking for a place to start the journey of career research, one idea is to take the interest survey on Career Cruising and then make an appointment with one of our Guidance Counselors to discuss the results.