SVEC Graduation Requirements/Credits

"WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL" PLANNING PRESENTATION ** Click here for a presentation that outlines SVEC Graduation requirements and earning high school credit. This information is especially important if you have a student entering 8th or 9th grade and have not previously attended a "Welcome to HS Workshop".

At SVEC the term "Graduation" can mean a lot of different things to our families. The first thing that often comes to mind is the SVEC graduation ceremony. However, it's important to distinguish the difference of "Walking" in the ceremony from "Graduating" through SVEC.

Graduating with an SVEC Diploma: This is the option if you wish to earn a Monroe Public Schools diploma from SVEC. Please click here for  information on the requirements to earn an SVEC Diploma, required high school credits, etc...

Walking in the Graduation Ceremony: Per SVEC Parent Advisory, in order to “Walk” in the SVEC graduation ceremony students must meet one of the following requirements. *Please note; walking does not always mean a student chose to meet all the requirements for an SVEC diploma.

  1. Earn an SVEC Diploma (Click for specific requirements)

  2. Earn a Diploma through a Private School

  3. Complete an A.A. degree through Running Start 

  4. Earn a Homeschool Diploma


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