Inclement Weather Reminder

In the event the district announces a 2 hour late start, at SVEC that means;

· 9AM and 10AM classes are cancelled

· 10:30 classes start at 11AM

· Montessori, STEM, ESS, ACT-HS, and Family Co-op would all start at 11AM.

· Family Forest School would be cancelled

· Academy of Critical Thinking-MS would be cancelled, but HS could start at 11AM.


sky valley
Welcome to Sky Valley Education Center

Part Time Enrollment

As of the 2020-21 School Year:

Families are welcome to enroll part time, however, the minimum part time enrollment is 40%.
It is still possible to enroll in 1 class and be 40% enrolled.  For more information about part time enrollment, call 360-804-2700. 

If you are enrolled part time at SVEC, you will need to fill out this form and return to the main office.  You can also scan it to us via email.  

Declaration of Intent Form