Library/Resource Room Guidelines

Some important information/reminders about our library/resource room

• Things that should be happening in the Resource Center are book/curriculum browsing and checkout, single-student computer use for class work, family study, learning collaboration, and Library Programs. If you are not participating in those activities or are being disruptive, you may be directed to use another area on campus. 

• Parent supervision is highly recommended. If you know your student can use the Resource Center responsibly without your help, that’s wonderful. Just know that if your student needs further assistance than our library staff and volunteers can provide, we will be looking for you.

• Please keep food and drink away from the computers. Dry snacks are allowed at the other tables, but do not prepare messy lunches here and be sure to clean up after yourselves. 

• We are a Parent Partnership where conversations and collaboration are necessary for teaching, sharing, and building community. Silence is not an expectation here, but a “low hum of activity” is the goal. Quiet Study Rooms are available each day if that is what you need to get your work done. 

• If you need help, have questions, or have a suggestion while you are using the Resource Center, please talk to Katie Kent or our Library Committee.