Defining Overall Progress

Please check OVERALL progress at the end of each month in ALLIE

Students receive monthly progress for ALL of their classes – both on and off site. This class progress is used to determine whether the student is making OVERALL   satisfactory progress at Sky Valley. For the purposes of reporting, students with unsatisfactory progress in more than 50% of their classes will receive UNSATISFACTORY OVERALL PROGRESS. Progress is available for students and parents to see 24/7 via the new ALLIE Student Management System. Unsatisfactory Progress in a block class or weighted program may result in overall unsatisfactory progress regardless of progress in other classes.

Students who receive OVERALL UNSATISFACTORY  progress are required to schedule and attend an intervention plan meeting in the office WITHIN 5 SCHOOL DAYS OF RECEIVING UNSATISFACTORY OVERALL PROGRESS. Failure to attend an intervention plan meeting may result in removal from the program. Students who repeatedly do not make satisfactory progress in multiple classes, whether they receive overall unsatisfactory progress or not, may be counseled to leave Sky Valley. Our responsibility is to support families in helping students be  successful with their learning plan  –  whatever that learning plan entails. If you have extenuating circumstances, need help with your student’s learning plan, or need assistance helping your child be successful, we are here to help!