The following is a list of useful resources when searching for college scholarship applications.  If you have any questions about the process, our counselors are available to assist. 

  • The Monroe Public Schools Scholarship
  • Monroe High School’s Career Center Scholarship Listings.
  • Xello
  • Letter of Recommendation Information Sheet: Some scholarships require students to submit letters of recommendation. Give this form to the person you ask to write your letter; along with a pre-addressed stamped envelope to where the letter will be sent. Make sure to give your letter write ample time (2 or more weeks) and don;t forget to thank the person when they are finished.
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange Program: Program that allows WA students to enroll in other select Western State colleges and pay a reduced tuition rate (typically 150% of the in-state rate for the specific college). Some colleges would be significantly cheaper than some of the WA colleges under the WUE Program.
  • The Washington College Grant:  Beginning in 2020-21, more low- and middle-income families now qualify for full tuition than in the past. Partial grants are available for families making up to the state’s median family income, around $97,000 per year.  The program is also expanding to provide support for approved apprenticeships.