Principal's Corner

Janna Pope, Salem Woods' Principal

What an incredible year we have coming our way! Our theme for the 2017-18 school year is “Building.” Along with a year of construction that will deliver us a brand new school building, we are continuously helping to grow and build up amazing students and young people.

Speaking to the latter, you will see our theme everywhere and hope to have you join our crew as we live out “Lifelong Readers are Always Under Construction.” There is no stronger foundation we can lay with each student at Salem Woods than that of being a successful lifelong reader. Reading is the cornerstone for writing, math, science, technology, speaking, listening, rich vocabulary and experiences. Books bring the world to us, allow us to go on journeys beyond any we could physically take, help us relate to others as we get to know characters and how they interact, provide pure enjoyment as we get lost in a great story, learn about something or someone of interest, and prepare our students for the present and future.

As for the construction of our building, if you have ever taken on the daunting task of a remodel, you know it is messy and requires lots of cooperation, patience and a sense of humor from all involved. Reflecting upon a completed project, you realize it was well worth it, just as it will be for us when we open the doors to our new school next fall. It will take us all to provide a smooth, safe and successful year as the construction process moves forward.

The first and biggest change for our community is the need for all students to ride the bus to school. If you are already a part of the Salem Woods community you know we have always had very limited parking and this year we will have even less with no capacity for car drop or pick up. I know for many of you this is not a change or even a blip on your radar, but for some it may be inconvenient, difficult, or not the preferred way to transport their child(ren), but it is our reality for this one year.

My hope is that we can work together, have and maintain positive attitudes and communication, follow the procedures and requests to ensure safety for all students, all while staying focused on learning and high levels of success for each student and reader.

I hope you all have an incredible end to your summer and I look forward to welcoming the kids back to school!

Janna Pope
Principal, Salem Woods Elementary